After I  finished the info-graphic poster for global climate change, I continued doing some research on it. Then I interviewed some people and got some useful feedback and advice. I realized that this poster is not enough for educating people how serious the issues are. Although I listed many evidences of global warming, people care more about the solutions for it. Hence, I started researching on the solutions.
In Baoding, China, the country’s most polluted city, the smog is thick enough to see. It can burn your eyes and it can leave an acrid taste in your mouth.(CNN, November 30, 2015 ). The coal energy is still the king in China.
Every winter, Chinese families burn a lot of coals for warmth. This releases greenhouse gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere. It causes bad air pollution in China, meanwhile it contribute to global climate change. (New-York Times, 2015)
My drawing works are inspired by the Chinese coal industry. I selected charcoal as medium and material to convey my message. Because the way charcoal interacts with people reminded me of the coal industry. Also, since before I studied graphic design, I had learnt drawing for about eight years. This experience helps me translate my concepts to graphic design mediums. At this point of my career, it is vital to review my experience and use these skills to creative some new works. I tried to use charcoal to abstractly depict the solutions of global warming. In the early stages, I drew some textures, then, I made some experiments with these textures.
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