04/2021- Present               UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Position: Design Project Specialist
Location:New York, United States

09/2020-04/2021               UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Position: Graphic Designer 
Location:New York, United States

10/2016- 09/2020                UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
Position: Consultant/ Visual Communication Specialist 
Set up and developed content strategies on the Youth Initiative project, Philip lighting project, Environmental Sustainability Management (ESM) in Immunization brief and other UNICEF Investment Cases.
Designed and conceptualized guidance notes, policy briefs and documents on the Youth Initiative project and relevant projects.
Designed and conceptualized Sway presentation for the Youth Initiative project and SPA section global branding.
Designed and conceptualized interactive real-time infogram dashboard and platform for the Youth Initiative project. 
Developed visual communication strategies and data visualization strategy for the Urban handbook report, the air pollution report and the WASH report.
Developed new visual solutions for the Youth Initiative project, Migration Report, Data for Children project, Generation 2030 and SPA section global branding.
Developed brand guideline and visual communication strategies for the Child Friendly City project, IGME Child mortality conference and UNICEF Eco-efficient and Inclusive.
Location:New York, United States

04/2018-  present                 Poster for___.
Position: Founder
Description: The Poster for___. is a non-profit design project found by Shangning Wang in 2018. https://www.posterfor.com 

The Poster for___. is a non-profit design project and international poster competition established and held under my leadership. The project is honorably partnered with ARTFIRE, which is the biggest online Art Education platform in China. Other prime supporters include graphicart-news.com, COW International Design festival, etc. The project is the unique design-project that only focus on topics of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

01/2016-05/2016                  Arizona State University
Position: Teaching Assistant
Responsibility: I was response for presentation design and materials design for GRA 401 Creative Environment. Courses management work, including responded to most student emails, posted upcoming assignments, sent mass emails to students per Professor Heywood, graded all assignments, held weekly office hours to answer student questions.
Location:Tempe, Arizona, United States

08/2015-12/2015                  Arizona State University
Position: Teaching Assistant
Responsibility: Set up teaching strategies and taught with Professor Michelle. We gave senior students an introduction to Motion Graphics and Interaction Design theory and production and how it applies to effective visual communication that connects with the viewer on an emotional level. Brought creative people from the global industry to the class, gave presentations and talk about their works.
Location:Tempe, Arizona, United States

06/2015-09/2015                 Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.
Position: Graphic Designer Internship
Responsibility: Work with graphic design team, responsible for some design projects. Most of time focused on branding design, illustration, poster and graphic design relevant work. Involved in visual communication strategy meetings, helped creative director on design projects. Helped the team to bring concepts into well designed products.    
Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States

05/2012-9/2016                  Freelance Graphic Designer
Projects: Cross-disciplinary collaboration with different professionals. Projects include Album design for The Chinos, writing and visual communication design for short animation Pokey Pokey, brand design for Southeast Utah Health Department, website banner design for Rain Visual Strategy+ Design, brand design and strategy development for TriArc, and etc.

07/2012-06/2014                 JinShi Art and Design Education Studio
Position:Co-founder and designer
Responsibility: Took charge of the operation of the studio. Teaching content management. Gave lectures on art and design composition. Held art and design events and salons for the public. Supported other lecturers on teaching. Gave volunteer lectures to local art high school students on design introduction class.
Location:Dalian, Liaoning, China 

03/2013-04/2013                Dalian Huifeng Museum  
Position: Freelancer Graphic Designer
Responsibility: Responsible for the new branch’s visual identity design. Set up visual communication and marketing strategies for its outreaching coalition. 
Location:Dalian, Liaoning, China

08/2012-02/2013                Henan Huayu Brother Inc.
Position: Freelance designer
Responsibility: Responsible for internal graphic design of the working floor and character design for new cartoons. Basic design support for document and material. 
Location:Zhengzhou, Henan, China

10/2010-01/2011                Beijing 010 Art Education Center
Position: Part-time Instructor
Responsibility: In charge of the subsidiary art education center’s course arrangement. Gave lectures on art and design creation.
Location:Beijing, China

05/2010-08/2010               MORE Design Studio (now is named STAND Design Studio)
Position: Freelance Designer
Responsibility: Member of Color System Design Team of China Railway Pavilion in World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China. Set up visual communication strategies on Wayfinding System. Did field research and testing on the color system.
Location:Beijing, China

09/2009-10/2009               Icograda World Design Congress 2009
Position: Freelance Designer
Responsibility: In charge of visual identity design for Design As Productive Force Exhibition. Led Wayfinding design team on research, field measurement and design. Gave presentations and report to organizer and creative director.
Location:Beijing, China

06/2008-5/2012                  Freelance Graphic Designer
Location:Beijing&Dalian, China

10/2007-03/2008               Beijing 010 Art Education Center and Daze Art Education Studio 
Position: Part-time Instructor
Responsibility: Taught art and design courses including 2D & 3D Composition, Intro to Graphic Design and Color Composition. Led other lectures on teaching. Managed the teaching content and sources. 
Location:Beijing, China

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