Half the World is Being Left Behind
UNDP launched a global campaign to end poverty and raise awareness of the alarming rate at which COVID-19 and climate change are increasing inequalities around the world.

Among those hit hardest by both crises are the 4 billion people–fifty percent of the world’s population–who live in poverty and lack any social protections, such as unemployment benefits or healthcare. The World Bank estimates that up to 150 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty by 2021.

If we don’t address the COVID-19 and climate crises together, half of the world will be left behind.
Worldwide influencers from the arts, entertainment, fashion, and gastronomy industries are posting their portraits with a drawing of a divided world in their palms. UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, author and television host Padma Lakshmi; entrepreneur, advocate and model Alexis Ren; actor and environmentalist Ronen Rubinstein; actor David Oyelowoare; and UNDP Ocean advocate and musician, Cody Simpson are part of the campaign.

Running from October to 12 December 2020— the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement signing — this initiative aims to foster a global awareness of the growing poverty and inequalities caused by two biggest crises of our time; climate change and COVID-19. To save our planet and leave no one behind, we have to win at both!
Portraits posted on the UN Development Programme’s digital channels, and on New York Times New Paper.

Copywriting: Peter Barry
Design: Shangning Wang
Photo: Justin Wu

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