Design with Peng qu, Chen Wu. 
In order to analysis and study the interaction between user and place, I focused on two places to discuss and design. They are:  cafe and library.
When customers enter the cafe, the computer will analyze his informations and contents which are recently published on facebook, then the computer can obtained the customer's mood, interest and 
experience. In addtion, give him a color ID. Those people who have similar experiences or mood will be waiting for him in the corresponding color table. Through the classification for the guests, they may get better communication with each other. This is a process that transfer the online communication to the real-life’s.
Through transform the cafe's space, intermediate such as the confessional box's glass partition, creating a cafe's private space. Let two people can communicate but can not see the other's expression. Just let their true feelings out and experience the thoughts flowing out of their mind. In this space, they can both listen and talk with each other without embarrassment, which will let them get a greater sense of acceptance and trust.
This library constructed with transparent glass facade. Garden-like interior space cultivate with different perfume plants which are exposed to sunlight, arranged in different locations. When the sun at a specific angle can only hit a specific plant. By that time, the room is filled with the aroma coming from a specific plant. At different points in time,people can detect different fragrances in the air. Feels like reading books in the forest.

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