We’ve been rebranding West-MEC, a “sleeping giant” of sorts in western Phoenix. Generally speaking, West-MEC offers revolutionary curriculum for high school students looking to bolster their academics with hands-on training and industry certifications. West-MEC approached us with a desire to liven up its portrayal with messaging, imagery and an overall persona that would entice high school demographics. The result? “Discover What’s Within”. We developed a killer new tagline that not only challenged key audiences to pursue their truest potential, but also invites communities to explore campuses and facilities across the city. Naturally, we had to create imagery with a similar appeal. Check out some of the new collateral below. A tasteful blend of photography, authentic subjects, layers and messaging, these projects are a great testament to our in house abilities and we’re excited to watch them sweep the valley.

Work of Kitchen Sink Studios: https://www.kitchensinkstudios.com/
Creative Director: Doug Bell
Art Director: Jason Johnson
Brand Strategy: Tyler Kurbat
Photography Director: Tim Stansell
Illustration & Card design: Shangning Wang
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