Case Study
Project Brief:
Poster for___. is an International Poster Competition. All designers and students all around the world are invited to participate, no matter age or nationality. Nowadays poster design has become more and more important for making changes and will definitely be even more in the future. What you design posters for? Are you designing for social awareness or maybe you only design posters for yourself. What is the role of poster design? What are your challenges of designing posters? In order to address these question, we have to step back and think about how we understand and consider poster design.

What is the unique way to engage and attract young designers' attention for this competition? How can we different the Poster For___. from the other competitions in the world? How can we work with social media to effectively promote the competition? Simply creating the website was not enough to accomplish Poster For__.’s goals. How can we build the brand in a flexible way, so it could be more sustainably developed. Limited budget for a non-profit project. What is the best way to use design strategies to help the project grow and influence more people.

The results were beyond our expectations. The competition's guidance was translated to different languages, and the website was featured by more than 10 design blogs from around the world. In September 20th, the organizer received 5863 posters from 45 countries for its five categories. 

Desktop version/Phone site version

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